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Volunteering as a TalkCampus Buddy

If you’ve landed on this page, you are likely thinking about becoming a TalkCampus Buddy. We’re thrilled to have you here! You may feel passionately about giving back and supporting others, you may want to feel more connected to others who share a common goal, you may want to learn some new skills, or put your free time to good use. Whatever your reason, you've come to the right place. Becoming a Buddy is an opportunity to connect with a like-minded community of other students who are looking to support each other through the ups and downs of life and their student journey.

TalkCampus is a global, 24/7 support platform for student mental health. Student life can be incredibly tough, and TalkCampus is your community to get instant support for your mental wellbeing, anytime of the day and night. TalkCampus is there for the moments when you just need a friend. Talk anonymously to students around the world going through the exact same struggles you are.

‘My mental health has been progressing well since being with TalkCampus. The training was helpful and it is the best place to share your personal feelings.’ Himanshu, 23year old Engineering student, majoring in Software.

Volunteering means freely giving your time to support causes that mean something to you. It’s an important way to help others, and can also bring huge value to the volunteer - increasing well-being, confidence and social connection. Our TalkCampus Buddy Volunteering Programme gives you an opportunity to learn how to become the best supporter that you can be. Who better to support students going through the ups and downs of life, than other students who may have been there themselves?

The community at TalkCampus is a place where students can be vulnerable without fearing judgement or being ignored. Finding friendships, and even networking with more students has been one of many perks students have found since volunteering with us. Our programme gives Buddies the foundations to be great peer supporters, and fundamentally, to help people to help themselves.

What Exactly Is a TalkCampus Buddy?

Buddies are, firstly, wonderful and kind people. They have a passion for supporting a community of students worldwide. They are people who are trained, by us, to really listen to others. Buddies really hear and want to be there beside people as they work their way through difficult times.

The role of a Buddy is to be a supportive and gentle force in the community. To lead by example, help people to ask for help and support where you can. Buddies are part of a broader team including professional staff and clinical experts. Buddies are a vital part of the TalkCampus team bringing their unique blend of warmth and empathy and humanity.

It has made me more mindful of the way I talk to others such as my friends when trying to support them.’ Chi Chi, 21year old Medical Science student at the University of Sydney.

How Does the Buddy Training Work?

Talking to people about their mental wellbeing can feel daunting, and sometimes you might wonder whether you are saying the right things or if you are best placed to have these conversations. Our Buddy Volunteering Training Programme covers a range of skills to help you to feel more comfortable supporting others during difficult conversations. Through 5 short online training modules including videos, written guidance and short quizzes, we will help you to build on various skills and strategies, including the below:

  • Listening

  • Open Questions

  • Reflections

  • Summarising

  • Clarifying

  • Empathy

Melisa, 30year old Global Corporations and Policy student at SOAS, found that she is a ‘Better listener since being a TalkCampus Buddy. I listen to affirm and empathise, rather than just to give advice. I now have the instinct to know I may not know how someone is feeling even when they have made a negative comment, so it is always better to ask.’

Being a Buddy means:

  • Freedom of time - no designated shifts. Volunteer when it works for you and fits into your schedule.

  • Flexible training and development - learn at your own pace and in your own style.

  • You are encouraged to take a break whenever you need to - your mental health takes priority.

  • Become part of a global community which has a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of fellow students.

  • Certificates of training and service provided.

  • References provided on request.

Is This Right for Me?

We know as a student you might really want to volunteer but struggle to find time for it whilst dealing with exams, deadlines and pressures of university life. We find that students are sometimes worried that the extra pressure will impact their own mental health, or limit their social circles as they try to balance all of these extra tasks. Finding the right opportunity that works and is flexible can be challenging, but here at TalkCampus, we think we’ve got that covered.

Our training is fun, engaging, and easy to navigate! You can do it in your own time, and we’ll always be on hand to support you through it - answering any questions and responding to any feedback you may have. The training offers guidance on how you can listen to, support and confidently signpost others who may be struggling. Nobody needs to be an expert or professionally trained to be able to volunteer. The skills involved in peer support can be used by anyone and will make a huge difference to students all over the world.

‘People will reach out to you who have similar experiences. This is a place where you are not alone. We are together in all situations.’ Himanshu

We train our volunteers in peer to peer support so that they can feel confident in responding to students in all sorts of different situations. The training helps volunteers feel sure they’re in a good position to listen to people all over the world, to welcome new people into the community and to understand what resources may need to be shared with those who need a bit more support. The skills learnt in these volunteering programmes translate well into everyday lives too - both online and offline.

‘My social/people skills have definitely improved, which is slowly improving all my relationships and letting me make new meaningful ones.’ Kyle, 20year old Computer Science student at the University of London.

If you are interested in becoming a TalkCampus buddy, register your interest here!


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