Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we wanted to share a few articles from leaders in this space as well as updates and reflections from TalkCampus.

In the UK the Mental Health Foundation is using Loneliness as the key theme for Awareness Week and in the US, Mental Health America are using Back To Basics as the title of their Mental Health Month Toolkit. Active Minds have produced a handy Action List of 31 simple and accessible ways to make mental health a priority in your daily life. And earlier this year the Mary Christie Institute released compelling research on students’ attitudes and experiences with mental health peer counseling Peer Counseling in College Mental Health report. The report perhaps unsurprisingly tells us that two-thirds of students say they have faced a mental health challenge in the previous year. Interestingly though, if facing a serious mental health issue, students are most likely to first turn to a peer, before other figures like a parent or campus staff.

Demand for college counseling centers is increasing at a steady pace as we come out of the pandemic. Students now have a heightened awareness of their mental health, which while positive, has the unintended consequence of creating a large demand / supply gap for counseling centers.

We are proud to be a global pioneer in providing ongoing support from students. From June we will be supporting over 210 universities and colleges world wide. We are also delighted to be launching two new products including a new 24/7 crisis management support service and a standalone faculty and staff peer support platform.

TalkCampus Clinical Support Line

We are excited to launch in the first quarter of this year a new enhanced escalation service offering 24/7 professional crisis support. The package enables students to instantly connect with a masters-level clinician for real-time phone-based support. Over the course of a session the Clinician will provide support, safety planning and escalate into emergency services where required.

This service would seamlessly fit into any existing incident reporting and is accessible for students at any time, from anywhere. The service is available in 5 languages meaning that students are guaranteed a clinician to speak with a clinician in Cantonese, Mandarin, French, English and Spanish as needed.

We launched a pilot of this service with a few of our large international campuses with great success and are delighted to now be able to offer this more widely.

Peer Support for faculty and staff with TalkLife Connect

In response to demand from our partner institutions and the increasing pressures of student wellbeing teams globally, we are excited to launch this month a version of TalkCampus specifically for staff and faculty. This will provide all staff with instant anonymous peer support. It is a completely separate network from the student network and will provide global support for staff and employees.